Welcome to our new website.

I used to pack and ship all of our orders myself. Due to a recent bout with cancer, I am unable to perform all the tasks needed to keep our business running smoothly and efficiently. I have decided to use this web space as an affiliate site for Amazon. I earn commissions from any products you click through and purchase from Amazon. Your price is the same regardless of buying via my links, or just shopping on Amazon.

I have been battling a Glio Blastoma since May of 2017. Surgery was not an option due to the tumor’s location. Chemotherapy was in pill form and was literally too poisonous for me to continue after the first dose. I did go through 6 weeks of radiation therapy and shrunk the tumor 20%. By the grace of God the tumor has not grown any since my last treatment in 2017. Psalm 118:17.

I appreciate all orders placed through this website as the commissions are much needed to keep my wife and I with an income. At 54 years old, I am unable to draw any retirement or 401k. I have a gofundme site if any one sees it in their heart to donate: Go Fund Me

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